Valentine’s day is approaching !

At wearekigurumi we celebrate everyday the love of the kigurumi but this month, you have the opportunity to celebrate the love of your lovers. This is Valentine’s day!

Here Wearekigurumi !

Valentine’s day has a historical nature, but we prefere to give you the wikipedia post about Valentine’s Day and prefer to give you some ideas for a present. Have you ever considered a combo of kigurumi like those unicorn kigurumi pink and blue or this green dinosaur kigurumi and pink dinosaur kigurumi ? Even Miley Cyrus have thought about it!

miley cyrus kigurumi unicorn blue


What kigurumi for serial lovers?

If the kigurumi unicorn ou kigurumi dinosaur are not enought, here’s another idea if you want to play it very romantic. What animal represents the serial lover? You may think about some cute dog ou cat but at weraekigurumi the best animal to represent Valentine’s Day is… the skunk! Of course, don’t you remember him?

skunk from looney tunes

Here is the kigurumi skunk to wear and the occasion to spread all your perfume in order to seduce them all.