Attention to all kigurumi’s fan please…. Summer is comming !

At wearekigurumi, summer rimes with heat, music, fun and obviously… kigurumi ! For this 2018 summer a great event is organized by the russian patrie : the world cup of football 2018 !

Football and kigurumi, perfect match

If you have the chance to watch a world cup football game in Russia, here are some idea from wearekigurumi to support your team and have the opportunity to be selected by the television as “amazing supporter”.

To all belgium supporters, also call as “the red devils”, if you’re out of inspiration for your costume: please follow this kigurumi bat link, order one kigurumi, wear it and smiles will rise around you!

Our kangourou kigurumi will delight all the aussies fans, you may add a pair of boxing gloves to suit your needs but be carefull to not being too much (wearing costumes is a science)

American latin continent will not feel helpless, we have two cute alpaca kigurumi, one is a pink alpaca kigurumi and a blue alpaca kigurumi. The alpaca is from the Andes mountains witch gather Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and ecuator, make your choice folks!

England will also be part of the world cup 2018, the formation called as “the three lions”, obviously needs the lion kigurumi. But this kigurumi suits also for maroccan’s fans, because they are also called “Lion of Atlas”, you guys should play under the same flag.

It is a pitty that Ivory Coast didn’t passed the play-off, they are called “the elephants” and guess what ? We had some kigurumi Elephants!

The man is devastated, he will not see kigurumi elephant at the world cup

Music and kigurumi, what else ?

You may not like football and get fed up with world cup. One way to escape from this world phenomenom is to go for music festival. Best way to enjoy your music trip is to be highly stylish with a kigurumi for exemple.

Dinosaur kigurumi exhales

Breath, exhale, relax in a dinosaur kigurumi. Because sometimes roaring is too much effort.

Festival kigurumi

Going to a music festival with your best friend.