SAZAC Kigurumi

Why you should buy your kigurumi on We Are Kigurumi

Our Commitment to Quality

We Are Kigurumi is one of the few certified seller of SAZAC products. SAZAC is the authentic and only japanese kigurumi manufacturer. SAZAC products are awesome and to compare them with counterfeit chinese kigurumi you can find on Aliexpress or eBay would be an insult.

Our kigurumi are made with high quality materials and we attache a particular importance to details and materials. We want our kigurumi to last and we want you to feel comfortable in your onesie.


official sazac kigurumi

Counterfeit Kigurumi

As we just said, SAZAC kigurumi are nothing to do with cheap counterfeit kigurumi. Fake kigurumi are unconfortable and can’t stand the test of time. Also, we do suspect that they don’t even respect European safety standards.

If your kigurumi is very cheap and shipped from China or Hong-Kong, it’s probably a fake kigurumi. Don’t buy one !

If you have any doubt or any question about SAZAC kigurumi or counterfeit kigurumi, feel free to contact us.

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