Monkey Kigurumi


Watching everyone going bananas when you show up at your friend’s party dressed in this monkey kigurumi is priceless. You want to experience it ? You really want to become a monkey ?! Well, that sounds legit. You know what to do then, the monkey kigurumi is waiting for you !

The monkey kigurumi is also very confortable. So if you want to use it as pajamas, it’s ok. And if you want to wear it all the time, you can too. After all… we’re living in a jungle (baby) !

Fabric And Care
Our japanese kigurumi are made with high quality materials and attention to details. The fabric is durable and breathable so you can wear the kigurumi to warm you in winter just as well as to party at festivals in summer. Learn more about our commitment to quality...
Regular one-sized kigurumi are designed to fit people over 1.50m (5ft") and under 1.80m (6ft1"). Learn more about sizing...
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